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Customer Testimonials - Kevin Lamberg

Challenge - A backyard greenhouse to grow produce
Solution - Elite Greenhouse
Size - 9'1"W x 8'3"H x 12'2"L
Application - Hobby Greenhouse
Location - Stafford Spring, CT

"My Growers Supply Elite greenhouse allows for fresh vegetable production year round. Living in the Northeast presents many unpredictable climate challenges that would otherwise greatly limit the growing months. The spacious design allows me to produce enough vegetable for a family of four during the peak growing season. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the spacious design, the heat retention and the affordable price. Thank you!"

About Elite Greenhouses

Elite Greenhouses are the ultimate in backyard growing! Decorative peak adds elegance and beauty and the frame has a bright white, powder-coated finish that is attractive in any backyard. Panels are constructed from UV-stabilized 6mm polycarbonate for superior heat retention and hot spot reduction. The Elite Greenhouse comes with a 10 year warranty on both frame and polycarbonate. Use SunBlocker 60% black knitted shade panel during extreme heat to eliminate heat stress and to ensure optimum plant growth. We recommend using the powder-coated steel base, sold separately.

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