Growers Supply Introduces Rooftop Growing Systems

Dyersville, IA— August 2013— Growers Supply now offers all components and parts to design and build a rooftop growing system. The benefits of rooftop growing are endless and construction on many different kinds of existing roofs is possible.

Rooftop growing is a natural way to prolong the life of roofs, reducing waste and beautifying rooftops of many varieties. Rooftop growers can experience natural heating and cooling properties with this practice, as well as decreased use of HVAC systems and reduced energy costs. Rooftop growing also helps reduce storm-water runoff and creates effective storm-water management practices.

Growers may choose from a variety of materials and components from Growers Supply, ideal for both extensive and intensive rooftop growing practices. Extensive rooftop growing is ideal for grasses, sedum and herbs and requires less than 6 of growing media. Intensive rooftop growing requires at least a 6+ growing media, and can support tree, shrub, flower and vegetable growth when designed properly. Growers Supply carries all necessary parts to design an adequate and appropriate rooftop growing solution for many different types of growers.

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About Growers Supply
Growers Supply is the leading manufacturer of tension fabric structures and greenhouses. The Growers Supply catalog features over 30,000 products designed to meet commercial growing and hobby gardening needs. Corporate headquarters are located in South Windsor, CT. Our Hercules Truss Arch manufacturing and distribution center is in Dyersville, IA. Visit us on the web at or call 1.800.476.9715.

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