Nuke em® - 128 oz.

Grow the healthiest crops, and protect them from insects and fungi using these two environmentally friendly products that are safe for use around people, pets and livestock.

• Nuke em® and Z7™ are best used together and can support the health and profitability of all types of crops - no matter how you grow.
• These natural products are skin-contact safe and can eliminate the costs associated with workers' compensation claims and litigation due to exposure to toxic pesticides, fungicides and cleaning products.
• Both are made with an environmentally friendly formula that won't contaminate ground water, lakes, streams or wells.

Nuke em® (113750):
• This safe, effective, multi-purpose insecticide and fungicide kills small pests, like broad mites, whiteflies, spider mites, aphids and more, and fungi, like powdery mildew, yeast and mold.
• Cracks the exoskeleton and outer cell structures, allowing Nuke em® to kill eggs, larvae and fully grown insects.
• Made with 100% food-grade ingredients and registered organic through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
• Safe for people, pets and livestock, and it can be applied in an occupied greenhouse.
• After Nuke em® has dried, its ingredients become dormant and beneficial insects can be used.

Please Note: Not allowed for sale in New Mexico, Indiana and Mississippi.
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  Weight 8.91000 
  Item Nuke em
  Size 128 oz.

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