Deer Scram™ - 25 lb. Bucket

All natural Deer Scram™ and rabbit repellents offer year-round protection from browsing deer and foraging rabbits! A humane, chemical-free solution for ridding your garden and landscape from deer and rabbit damage! Guaranteed to work! Backed by manufacturer's 100% guarantee! Deer Scram™ works by creating an odor that simulates the smell of a dead animal which triggers the inherent fear response in deer and rabbits and causes them to stay away from the area where Deer Scram™ was applied. Humans are unable to detect this odor and the only discernable smell is a mild, fertilizer like scent. Deer Scram™ can be applied liberally around your trees, plants, flowers and garden beds. It contains only all natural, organic ingredients that are safe around pets and children and may be used in vegetable gardens.

• Ideal for landscapers, professional gardeners and home use.
• Highly effective, completely organic, biodegradable granular formula that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. Safe for you, the animals, your family and pets.
• No mixing or spraying needed. Granular - just sprinkle.
• Repels by an odor that stimulates a strong fear-based response with both deer and rabbits, yet there is no unpleasant odor to humans.
• Rain resistant and can be used throughout all seasons, even in snow.
• Organic nutrients provide and promote enhanced plant growth.
• Costs less per sq. ft. of protection than any other deer and rabbit repellent on the market today.
• Deer Scram™ also repels rabbits.
• For protecting individual plants and small garden areas, or highlyaggressive rabbit environments, we recommend Rabbit Scram™.
• Available in a 25 lb. bucket.

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  Item Deer Scram/25 lb. Bucket

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