GS Series I Aquaponics System I

A balance between hydroponic vegetable production and fish rearing, GS Series I Aquaponics Systems allow you to grow high-quality produce and fish through the process of combining a hydroponic-growing system with fish-producing aquaculture tanks. For larger, custom sytems, please call our aquaponics team at extension 1265!

• A symbiotic relationship between plants and fish is the basis for a high-quality, all-natural production cycle.
• Produce natural, pesticide-free products such as lettuce, microgreens and other vegetables.
• When used in a greenhouse setting, systems can grow year round.
• Systems are comprised of fish-rearing tanks, filters, float beds and pump.
• Seven different systems available, capable of producing 650 to 16,000 heads of lettuce per year, depending on your needs.

Aquaponics System I (112663)
• Lettuce Production: 12.5 head/week, 650 head/yr.
• 72 lettuce sites.
• Fish Production: 75 lbs./yr.
• 12' x 20' footprint.

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Item Number: 112663
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