Heliospectra LX60 Grow Light - LX602G

Heliospectra LX60 - An extremely versatile lighting option that has been third-party verified as one of the most efficient lighting options.

• Fully programmable and built-in controls allow growers to customize the light spectrum for a variety of lighting plans.
• Promote healthy growth, limit crop time and integrate a finishing light schedule.
• Maximum lighting control. Control the wavelengths being projected and their intensity.
• Features a WIFI card, microprocessor and an open API for easy integration into existing systems.
• Lower operating costs and maximum energy savings.
• Versatile master/follower networking.
• Create even the most specific lighting strategy for any need.
• Operates at a low temperature that reduces required cooling.
• Compact unit. Weighs 17 lbs.

LX602G (115714)
• Ideal for greenhouse crop production.
• LX602G features three wavebands of 450 nm, 660 nm and 5,700K white.

Our Price:  1999.0/EA
Item Number: 115714
Availability: Available in 21 days
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Product Specifications

  Weight 18.00000 
  Item LX602G

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