Non-Woven Pond Underliner - 100 mil

Non-Woven Underliner provides filtration, separation and tensile reinforcement, as well as embankment stabilization. Lightweight, non-woven geo-textile underliner is ideal for a wide range of farm and ranch applications for livestock and equine. Don't let mud hinder the performance of your beef and dairy herds, nor create an unhealthy environment for your horses. It's easy to create a stable, all-weather surface that will dramatically improve the footing and overall hoof health of your cattle and horses. Simply lay the underliner down, cover with gravel or rock and finish with surface footing/cover material of choice. Perfect for exercise rinks, stables and paddocks, around feed bunks, water troughs and so much more.

• 105246 is ideal for waste oil containment, roads, roofs, dams, pipe wrapping and trenches, landfills, drainage areas and construction use.
• Protects your pond liner from tears and punctures caused by stones, roots and soil chemicals. Pond liner warranties are valid only when underliner is used.
• Constructed from 8 oz., charcoal gray, non-woven fabric that is 100% staple polyester and polypropylene needle-punched design.
• Resistant to tears, puncture, soil chemicals, ultra-violet light exposure and virtually unaffected by hydrocarbons, mildew, rot and freeze-thaw.
• Provides more even diffusion of built-up gases and fluids.
• Minimum order: 10'.
• Maximum continuous roll length: 300'. Roll width: 15'.

Our Price:  5.05/FT
Order 300 or more at 4.39/FT
Item Number: 105246
Availability: Available in 7 days (Manufactured Product)
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
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Product Specifications

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  Weight 0.94000 
  Thickness 100 mil
  Puncture Strength 130 lbs

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