Closeout Animal Management Products

Our loss is your gain! Great prices on closeout animal management products.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Closeout Animal Management Products
Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
CLDE7060 Birdxpeller Pro Only 1 left $169.38 EA  More Info
CL108722Z8 DYNO ALLEY MAT 1/2"X6'w-8'L Only 1 left $150.00 EA  More Info
CL112033 Double Creep Mat 28"W x 42"L 1002 $5.97 EA  More Info
HA1037 Wean-To-Finish Mats With Feed-Saving Lip - 4'x6' 651 $46.95 EA  More Info
CLMH1020 Pit Scaper Gear Box 55:1 Only 1 left $344.43 EA  More Info
CLWE1510 2" Insulated Livestock Waterer - 50 Cattle/100 Sheep Only 1 left $396.25 EA  More Info
106831 Double Tuf Five-Qt. Utility Pan 487 $2.50 EA  More Info
107525 14" Collapsible Bucket Holder 57 $5.00 EA  More Info
107860 8 Quart Double-Tuf™ Hook-Over Pail 33 $12.95 EA  More Info
CLBOWL Sample Items - Water Bowls Only 7 left $15.00 EA  More Info
WR1261 SLOPE TOP HOUSING ORANGE 457 $1.64 EA  More Info
111198 Foldable Live Animal Trap - Small Only 8 left $49.95 EA  More Info