Closeout Building Supplies

Our loss is your gain! Great prices on closeout building supplies.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Closeout Building Supplies
Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
CLSRF23974 14'W x 14'H Steel Roll-Up Door Only 1 left $1,995.00   More Info
CL106539 Aluminum Guide Plate 49 $1.50 EA  More Info
CL108561 955 TRAC RITE ROLL UP DOOR HOOD 12'W Only 3 left $189.00   More Info
CL111383 Janus 3652 Commercial Coiling Sheet Door - 16'W x 16'H Only 2 left $1,195.00 EA  More Info
CL111557 4' x 8' Corrugated Plastic Sheet - 8mm White 12 $22.00 EA  More Info
CLTBCZ1600 1/2 CABL ASM 3/4 TB W/SWG CLP 1END 16' 24 $13.38 EA  More Info
CLXR7110L CRGATED NRSRY PNL.250x30x72" STRAIGHT 37 $29.45 EA  More Info
CL107017 EXPANDED METAL 4'X8' 12 $24.00 EA  More Info
CL108388 POLYMAX FLAT WHITE 1/8"x48"x96" HDPE Only 7 left $25.72 EA  More Info
CL108406Z24 POLYMAX.250X96" BLACK HMWPE-24'L damage Only 1 left $674.30 EA  More Info
CL108406Z9 Black PolyMax HMWPE Roll - 250X96" -9'L Only 1 left $100.71 EA  More Info
CLGD1418W22F4 FABRIC GATHER DOOR 14X18, 22oz WHT FR Only 1 left $496.95 EA  More Info
CLGD1420W22F5 14X20 FABRIC GATHER DOOR 22oz WHITE FR Only 2 left $637.50 EA  More Info
CLR024B00006CA 3 ZIPPERED CLEAR ROLL-UP DOOR FOR 24'W Only 1 left $255.20 EA  More Info
CLSRF27354 Janus 3652 Commercial Reverse Coiling Sheet Door w/Hood - 7'8"W x 17'H Only 1 left $199.00 EA  More Info
CL105200A GABLE CV PLAIN-END 24' FOR COMM CANOPY Only 1 left $71.71 EA  More Info
CL110450 Wall Louver - 48"W x 48"H Only 1 left $58.25 EA  More Info
CL110451 Wall Louver - 24"W x 30"H Only 1 left $21.94 EA  More Info
CL103300 Polymax Shim w/Hole 1057 $0.14 EA  More Info
108535 Aluminum End Cap for Polycarb/Film - 210"L 52 $45.00   More Info
109334 L-Bracket w/Long Slot 2161 $0.59   More Info
109400 Refractory Panel - 24" X 39-5/8" X 1" 58 $49.00 EA  More Info
SRF19338 HD DROP LATCH ZP STEEL FOR 2-1/4-3" DOOR 40 $13.03 EA  More Info
SRF22357 Lock Flat Strap - Pre-Drilled 31 $5.24   More Info