Growing Supplies

Growers Supply has a large selection of growing supplies to help maintain your garden, greenhouse, high tunnel or nursery. Whether you need seed-starting supplies, growing media, or pots and containers, we have everything you need to keep your plants healthy and thriving. We also offer several types of greenhouse watering and irrigation products to keep the plants in your greenhouse, nursery or garden center properly hydrated.

Growing Supplies - Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Systems

Growing Supplies - Fencing & Netting
Fencing & Netting

Growing Supplies - Irrigation & Watering Supplies
Irrigation & Watering Supplies

Growing Supplies - Lawn & Garden
Lawn & Garden

Growing Supplies - Bulk Materials & Storage Tarps
Bulk Materials & Storage Tarps

Growing Supplies - Growing Mediums
Growing Mediums

Growing Supplies - Plant Supports & Accessories
Plant Supports & Accessories

Growing Supplies - Seed-Starting Supplies
Seed-Starting Supplies

Growing Supplies - Tomato Growing
Tomato Growing

Growing Supplies - Greenhouse Thermometers
Greenhouse Thermometers

Growing Supplies - Rodent & Pest Control
Rodent & Pest Control

Growing Supplies - Pots, Trays & Containers
Pots, Trays & Containers

Gro-Max Gothic Tall High Tunnel - 26'W x 14'H x 48'L Film Roll-Up Sides
Gro-Max Gothic Tall High Tunnel - 26'W x 14'H x 48'L Film Roll-Up Sides
Backyard Pro Greenhouse II
Backyard Pro Greenhouse II
GS Series I Aquaponics System III
GS Series I Aquaponics System III

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FodderPro 2.0 Feed System