Canopies & Tents

Protect your plants and customers from the elements with our portable canopies or tents. From annuals to perennials, trees to shrubs, your plants will thrive and last with protection from the weather. Need to move your weather protecting canopy around your nursery? No problem, our canopies can be put up and taken down quickly and transported anywhere. We also have the largest selection of farmer market tents, large frame tents, tension tents, canopy tents and outdoor tents — why rent a tent when you can own your own?

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Customer Testimonials - WeatherShield™ Canopies (County Line).
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Canopies & Tents - WeatherShield Portable Canopies
WeatherShield Portable Canopies

Canopies & Tents - WeatherShield Commercial Canopies
WeatherShield Commercial Canopies

Canopies & Tents - Daddy Long Legs Canopies
Daddy Long Legs Canopies

Canopies & Tents - WeatherShield Covered Walkway/Connect-A- Building
WeatherShield Covered Walkway/Connect-A- Building

Canopies & Tents - ClearSpan Boat House
ClearSpan Boat House

Canopies & Tents - WeatherShield Grab Bag Canopy
WeatherShield Grab Bag Canopy

GrowSpan Economy Cold Frame - 10'W x 40'L w/Film
GrowSpan Economy Cold Frame - 10'W x 40'L w/Film
LumiGrow Pro 325 LED Horticultural Light
LumiGrow Pro 325 LED Horticultural Light
AgrowSoft Irrigation Controller
AgrowSoft Irrigation Controller

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