Greenhouse Covering

Greenhouse covering is the material that covers the greenhouse frame and plays a key role in heat retention. The most widely used materials are polycarbonate and polyethylene film. Whether you're replacing your existing greenhouse covering or building a greenhouse, Growers Supply has the right greenhouse covering material to suit your needs, as well as all necessary hardware.

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Greenhouse Covering - Greenhouse Films
Greenhouse Films

Greenhouse Covering - Polycarbonate Panels
Polycarbonate Panels

Greenhouse Covering - Row Covers & Frost Blankets
Row Covers & Frost Blankets

Greenhouse Covering - Greenhouse Insulation
Greenhouse Insulation

Greenhouse Covering - Hardware, Tape & Fasteners
Hardware, Tape & Fasteners

Greenhouse Covering - Shade Cloth
Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Covering - Ground Cover & Fabrics
Ground Cover & Fabrics

Greenhouse Covering - Pond Liner & Composting
Pond Liner & Composting

EZ-Haul Flat Bed Metal Wagon - On Sale!
EZ-Haul Flat Bed Metal Wagon - On Sale!
GigaVent Solar Vent Opener
GigaVent Solar Vent Opener
Coupled Flexogen Garden Hose - 3/4" x 100'L
Coupled Flexogen Garden Hose - 3/4" x 100'L

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