Greenhouse Thermometers

Monitor the temperature, humidity and climate in your hobby or commercial greenhouse to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants. Choose from a wide array of thermometers, humidity meters, hygrometers, indoor/outdoor temperature stations, hi-low memory thermometers, standard thermometers, manometers, wind/weather/light meters, mini panel thermometers and infrared thermometers with lasers to suit your unique greenhouse growing needs.

Greenhouse Thermometers - 6" Hanging Thermometer
6" Hanging Thermometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - 15" Thermometer
15" Thermometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - Hi-Low Memory Thermometer
Hi-Low Memory Thermometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - Mini Digital Temperature & Humidity Meters
Mini Digital Temperature & Humidity Meters

Greenhouse Thermometers - Outdoor/Indoor Min/Max Temperature Station
Outdoor/Indoor Min/Max Temperature Station

Greenhouse Thermometers - Digital Thermometer/ Hygrometer
Digital Thermometer/ Hygrometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - 12" Extreme Heat Thermometer
12" Extreme Heat Thermometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - Wired Mini Digital Panel Meter
Wired Mini Digital Panel Meter

Greenhouse Thermometers - ValuTek Digital Pocket Thermometer
ValuTek Digital Pocket Thermometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - FarmTek® Pocket Wind/Weather/Light Meter
FarmTek® Pocket Wind/Weather/Light Meter

Greenhouse Thermometers - Compost Thermometers
Compost Thermometers

Greenhouse Thermometers - Infrared Thermometer with Laser
Infrared Thermometer with Laser

Greenhouse Thermometers - Dwyer ® Mark II Manometer
Dwyer ® Mark II Manometer

Greenhouse Thermometers - La Crosse Technology Weather Stations
La Crosse Technology Weather Stations

Aquaponics Water Test Kit
Aquaponics Water Test Kit
EZ-Grow Multi-Tiered Display Unit
EZ-Grow Multi-Tiered Display Unit
PolyMax 70% Shade Panel - 20'W x 40'L
PolyMax 70% Shade Panel - 20'W x 40'L

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