Lawn & Garden

Keep your lawn and organic garden healthy and beautiful! We offer a large selection of mulch alternatives, garden hoses and accessories, garden carts and wagons, composters, sprayers, sprinklers and more. Monitor and maintain optimum conditions for your heirloom garden, plants, flowers and vegetables with our soil testing probes and meters. Growers Supply helps you control weeds, pests and apply fertilizer with our line of sprayers. We can also help you maintain your vegetable garden, plants and flowers with high-quality garden tools, foggers, ground cover and seed mats. Save money on costly store-bought chemical fertilizers, while improving plant growth and quality with our composters. Dramatically increase your vegetable, herb and flower production with our raised bed kits, mini cold frames and accessories.

Lawn & Garden - Greenhouse Thermometers
Greenhouse Thermometers

Lawn & Garden - Pots, Trays & Containers
Pots, Trays & Containers

Lawn & Garden - Fertilizers, Soil Cables & Propagation Mats
Fertilizers, Soil Cables & Propagation Mats

Lawn & Garden - Soil Testing & pH Meters
Soil Testing & pH Meters

Lawn & Garden - Collapsible Lawn and Leaf Bags
Collapsible Lawn and Leaf Bags

Lawn & Garden - Garden Carts & Wagons
Garden Carts & Wagons

Lawn & Garden - VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators
VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators

Lawn & Garden - Garden Weed & Ground Covers
Garden Weed & Ground Covers

Lawn & Garden - Livestock, Poultry & Produce Scales
Livestock, Poultry & Produce Scales

Lawn & Garden - Mini Greenhouses & Cold Frames
Mini Greenhouses & Cold Frames

Lawn & Garden - Tool Racks
Tool Racks

Lawn & Garden - Garden & Lawn Tools
Garden & Lawn Tools

Lawn & Garden - AgrowSoft Irrigation Controller
AgrowSoft Irrigation Controller

Lawn & Garden - Lawn & Garden Sprayers
Lawn & Garden Sprayers

Lawn & Garden - Garden Pest Control
Garden Pest Control

Lawn & Garden - Lawn & Garden Hoses
Lawn & Garden Hoses

Lawn & Garden - Gardening Gloves
Gardening Gloves

Lawn & Garden - Raised Bed Gardens
Raised Bed Gardens

Lawn & Garden - Composting & Rain Barrels
Composting & Rain Barrels

Lawn & Garden - Lawn Sprinklers
Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn & Garden - Water Storage Tanks & Reservoirs
Water Storage Tanks & Reservoirs

Lawn & Garden - Garden Accessories
Garden Accessories

Lawn & Garden - Safety & Protection
Safety & Protection

Lawn & Garden - Hobby Poultry Equipment
Hobby Poultry Equipment

Aquaponics Water Test Kit
Aquaponics Water Test Kit
EZ-Grow Multi-Tiered Display Unit
EZ-Grow Multi-Tiered Display Unit
PolyMax 70% Shade Panel - 20'W x 40'L
PolyMax 70% Shade Panel - 20'W x 40'L

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