Modine Hot Water/Steam Heaters

Ideal for heating buildings with large open areas and low ceilings. These horizontal units operate with either steam or hot water and counter heat loss along outside building walls, especially where windows are present.

• Compact, lightweight, horizontal delivery unit heaters.
• Steel top and bottom supply and return connections allow the unit to be rotated 360° without piping changes.
• Baked-on gray/green paint finish over rust and corrosion resistant steel assures long life.
• Unique coil design offers uniform heat, assures maximum control over air delivery and temperature.
• Balanced fan blades move air quickly and quietly with minimum power requirement.
• Totally enclosed continuous duty motor is single phase with built-in thermal overload protection.
• Safety fan guard completely surrounds the fan, offering constant protection.

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Item # Description Price  
106269 Modine Heater Hot Water - 12,600 BTU/Steam 18K BTU 425.00000 /EA More Info
106270 Modine Heater Hot Water - 16,200 BTU/Steam 24K BTU 479.00000 /EA More Info
106271 Modine Heater Hot Water - 21,700 BTU/Steam 33K BTU 555.00000 /EA More Info
106272 Modine Heater Hot Water - 30,900 BTU/Steam 47K BTU 689.00000 /EA More Info
106273 Modine Heater Hot Water - 45,600 BTU/Steam 63K BTU 709.00000 /EA More Info
106274 Modine Heater Hot Water - 60,200 BTU/Steam 86K BTU 769.00000 /EA More Info
106275 Modine Heater Hot Water - 83,700 BTU/Steam 108K BTU 939.00000 /EA More Info
106276 Modine Heater Hot Water - 93,000 BTU/Steam 121K BTU 959.00000 /EA More Info
106277 Modine Heater Hot Water - 130,900 BTU/Steam 165K BTU 1185.00000 /EA More Info
106278 Modine Heater Hot Water - 143,000 BTU/Steam 193K BTU 1425.00000 /EA More Info
106279 Modine Heater Hot Water - 201,900 BTU/Steam 258K BTU 1655.00000 /EA More Info
106280 Modine Heater Hot Water - 228,600 BTU/Steam 290K BTU 1845.00000 /EA More Info
106281 Modine Heater Hot Water - 271,100 BTU/Steam 340K BTU 2305.00000 /EA More Info