Tex-R Geodiscs™

Stop weeds from growing on contact with environmentally friendly Tex-R Geodisc™ weed control discs.

• Designed for blocking surface weed growth in production containers. Patented technology of coating a nonwoven Tex-R® membrane with SpinOut® weed-prevention resin stops sprouting weeds on contact.
• Eliminates the need for herbicides and reduces costs for manual weeding.
• Saves water by eliminating water loss from evaporation.
• Permeable design allows air, water and solid fertilizers to pass through disc.
• UV resistant and reusable.
• Precut for easy installation around plant trunk. Choose the disc diameter equal to or up to 3/4" larger than the container diameter to allow the membrane to adhere to the sides of the container.
• Available in 2 sizes.

Plant Supports & Accessories - Tex-R Geodiscs™
Item # Description Price  
110477B Tex-R Geodisc™ - 6.6" For more information, please use Live Help, Email us or call 1.800.476.9715. More Info
110479B Tex-R Geodisc™ - 14" $0.69 /EA More Info