Dyno Interlocking Rubber Stall Mat - 4' x 6'

Convenient, interlocking mat clearly improves the health of your horses, livestock or pets. Ideal for: Horses, Dairy, Pigs, Alleys, Run-In Sheds, Shoeing Areas, Grooming Areas, Wash Racks, Exercise Rooms, Trailer Floors, Outdoor Living Areas, Gymnasiums, Kennels and more.

• Resilient, cost-effective mat is manufactured from 100% re-vulcanized and recycled rubber that has been cleaned of all debris.
• Safe, comfortable and durable, this mat offers stress relief to bones and muscles, better dust control and level, safe floor surfaces.
• 4' x 6' x 17mm.
• Tight-fitting interlocks provide a virtual “one-piece” floor and minimize the amount of water or urine that can seep through seams.
• Routine savings up to 50% on stall bedding and you can cut cleaning time in half.
• Good traction under wet conditions is a function of this mat’s resilience, texture and raised surface pattern.
• Mats will hold themselves in place, do not need surrounding walls to contain them and are difficult, if not impossible, for horses to pull up or move.

Our Price:  $74.95/EA
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  Weight 90.000 

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