Fertigation Systems

All-in-one, ready-to-use Hanna® Fertigation Systems give the professional and advanced home grower precise control over nutrient and pH levels in their hydroponic systems.

• HI 2,500 Kits are recommended for small to mid-size systems, such as our VersaGrow Hydroponic Systems. Each HI 2,500 Kit includes an EC or TDS Mini Controller, EC or TDS Probe, pH Mini Controller, pH Electrode, 2 Blackstone Dosing Pumps and NEMA Enclosure.
• HI 5,000 Systems are ideal for larger and commercial hydroponics, including NFT, dutch buckets, flood tables and full greenhouse setups. Versatile and easy to install. Comes completely assembled on a compact panel with no wiring necessary.
• Automated dosing feature allows the grower to optimize plant growth while saving time on measuring, mixing and dosing.
• Choose your system based on your preferred measuring method: electrical conductivity (EC) or total dissolved solids (TDS).
• Versatile and easy to install, comes completely assembled on a compact panel with no wiring necessary.
• Monitor and control dosing while maximizing harvest and profits.
• Fertigation System Components are also available separately.

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Item # Description Price  
110749 HI 5,000 EC Mini Fertigation System $3,595.00 /EA More Info
110760 HI 5,000 TDS Mini Fertigation System $3,595.00 /EA More Info