Backyard Pro Greenhouses

Top-quality greenhouse for the serious gardener, clubs, schools or any group that requires a larger growing area.

Pro Greenhouse I (#104564): 11'8"W x 8'10"H x 16'6"L.
Pro Greenhouse II (#103967): 11'8"W x 8'10"H x 24'8"L.

• Sidewall height: 5'3".
• Door width: 3'10" (one 23"W Dutch door and one 23"W standard man door). Doors are 6'H and come complete with rugged stainless steel locking door handle and nickel-plated dead bolt.
• 2'W side panels are tough, 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate.
• Multiple roof vents allow for proper ventilation.
• For best results, install the energy-saving Solar-Powered Vent Opener (#104037) sold separately.
• Use 60% black knitted shade panel during extreme heat to eliminate heat stress and to ensure optimum plant growth.
• Optional galvanized steel base is recommended.
• 10 year warranty on both frame and polycarbonate.

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Item # Description Price  
104564 Backyard Pro Greenhouse I - 11'8"W x 8'10"H x 16'6"L $4,695.00 /EA More Info
103967 Backyard Pro Greenhouse II - 11'8"W x 8'10"H x 24'8"L $5,795.00 /EA More Info
103968 Steel Base for 103967 $369.00 /EA More Info
104565 Steel Base for 104564 $289.00 /EA More Info