Safe-Fence High Voltage Burial Wire Electric System

High Voltage Burial Wire (108068, 108069)
• Double-coated High Voltage Connection Wire is very flexible and shields up to 20,000 volts.
• Use Wire Connector (108040) or Contact Clamp (108039) to connect the fence charger, bring power under gates and connect strand to strand.
• Available in 50' and 200' spools.

Polytape Gate Kit (108037, 108038)
• Includes 2 tensioners, gate handle, a gate hook plate and 20' of 1-1/2" Polytape.

1-1/2" Splice Buckle (108034)
• Stainless steel buckle for joining rolls of 1-1/2" Polytape.
• Easily repairs tears caused from impact.

Contact Clamp (108039)
• An electrical connector used to attach the fence charger directly to the webbing anywhere in fence line if the wire connector (108040) cannot be used as a tensioner.
• Can also be used to pick up power when adding a cross fence to an existing fence.

Polytape Gate Handle (108035)
• Gate handle with tensioner connector to attach wide Polytape.

Wire Connector (108040)
• Connects fence charger to tensioners and strand to strand.
• Use only high voltage wire.

Rewind Reel (108070)
• A lightweight yet durable spooling device for portable fence applications. Holds 200' of Safe-Fence 1-1/2" polytape, 660' of rope or braid and 1,320' of polywire.
• Hooks onto existing fence line or over a rod through the handle.
• Locking side pins hold material tight.

Electric Fence Warning Sign (108041)
• This durable plastic sign is 8" wide x 4-1/2" tall with corner holes to wire or nail the sign to the fence.
• Bright blue color provides excellent visual warning of electrical fencing in use.
• Electric fence warning signs are required in many states.

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Item # Description Price  
108034 1-1/2" SS Splice Buckle Pack of 4 $15.29 /EA More Info
108039 Contact Clamp White Pack of 2 $9.15 /EA More Info
108035 Gate Handle White $7.09 /EA More Info
108037 Gate Kit White $17.95 /EA More Info
108068 High Voltage Wire 50' Roll $22.39 /EA More Info
108069 High Voltage Wire 200' Roll $74.65 /EA More Info
108040 High Voltage Wire Connector Pack of 4 $4.99 /EA More Info
108070 Rewind Reel $35.65 /EA More Info
108041 Safe-Fence Warning Sign $2.25 /EA More Info