Horse Power Fence Accessories

Choose from these great accessories to compliment your Horse Power Fence Chargers.

Economy Lightning Diverter (108089)
• Helps protect the fence charger from damage by lightning strikes.
• Diverts power surges in the fence line to a secondary ground rod system.
• Requires additional ground rods other than those used for the fence charger. See Ground Rod Kit (108092) sold separately.

5 Light Fence Tester (108091) for standard or low impedance fences.
• Lights are calibrated to illuminate from 625 to 5,000 volts.
• Convenient, long reach 68" ground cord.

Ground Rod Kit (108092)
• Provides 3' to 6' long galvanized ground rods (not pictured), 3 brass ground rod nuts and 48' of 12 gauge galvanized connection wire to create a 40' ground field.
• The grounding system is the heart of an electric fence and, when installed properly, will provide years of trouble-free fence power.

Solar Power Kit (108087)
• Converts the Nomad and Plainsman into solar fence chargers.
• Powerful 11 watt solar panel is big enough to ensure that the 12V battery is always charged, even on rainy or cloudy days.
• Output regulator prevents the battery from becoming overcharged.
• Back flow circuitry to prevent the battery power from draining back into the panel at night.
• Kit includes a post mounting bracket that holds the panel at a 45° angle on a wood or T-post.

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Item # Description Price  
108091 8 Light Fence Tester 20.95000 /EA More Info
108092 Ground Rod Kit 50.95000 /EA More Info