Watersafe® Water Test Kits

Identify harmful water contaminants easily and accurately with Watersafe® Water Testers.

Watersafe® Well-Water Test Kit (112988)
• Well-water is recommended to be tested at least twice a year.
• Single use kit.
• Test for copper, iron, lead, dangerous levels of nitrates and nitrites, chlorine, harmful bacteria, pesticides, fertilizers and pH balance.

Watersafe® Hydroponic Water Test Kit (112989)
• Evaluate water quality.
• Guarantee crop success by testing for bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, hardness, pH and iron.
• Results can be used to determine the appropriate water treatment system for greater crop yield.
• Test for harmful bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, hardness, iron and pH balance.

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Item # Description Price  
112989 Watersafe® Hydroponic-Water Test Kit 20.49000 /EA More Info
112988 Watersafe® Well-Water Test Kit 20.49000 /EA More Info