Grodan Delta Gro-Blocks™

Achieve an optimum balance of oxygen to nutrients with Grodan Delta Gro-Blocks™ for rapid plant growth. A sustainable and environmentally friendly growing medium.

• Manufactured from rockwool substrate, these Gro-Blocks™ are completely sterile, lightweight and easy to use. Unique hydrophilic fiber makes crop production easy to control by allowing efficient use of water and nutrients.
• Ideal for direct sowing of our Grodan A-OK Starter Plugs, sold separately. When seedling roots coming out of plugs are 1” long, simply place plug in Gro-Block™ hole.
• Delta 4 Blocks are ideal for use with small plants, such as strawberries and peppers. Sold in strips of 8 blocks.
• Delta 6 Blocks are great for growing large fruiting crops, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, in our HydroCycle Dutch Buckets, sold separately. Sold in strips of 6 blocks.
• Perfect for use in ebb and flo, Dutch bucket and drip hydroponic systems.
• Priced per strip.

Growing Supplies - Seed-Starting Supplies - Grodan Delta Gro-Blocks™
Item # Description Price  
111387 Grodan Delta 4 Gro-Block™ w/Hole - Strip of 8 6.15000 /EA More Info
111388 Grodan Delta 6 Gro-Block™ w/Hole - Strip of 6 5.29000 /EA More Info