Bale Blankets

Super strong Bale Blankets and Continuous Bags protect your valuable hay in all weather conditions.

• Our exclusive four-year warranted blankets and bags mean you can reuse year after year. This makes ours the most economical for your money.
• 7.5 oz., 16 mil thick silver/white fabric will not rot and is engineered to withstand a wide range of climate conditions, as well as resisting tearing and ripping.
• EASY to use!
• Simply center the blanket on your row of bales. Weave our UV-resistant, high strength curtain cord over the blanket and tie down with our corkscrew anchors.
• We recommend one tie-down every 4-6 feet. This method, as compared to the "piercing" method, will ensure your cover lasts for many years.
• To securely enclose and seal the continuous bags, use our UV black cable ties that are resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV rays.
• Bale Blankets and Bags are priced per linear foot.

Bulk Materials & Storage Tarps - Bale Blankets
Item # Description Price  
CC4631 Bale Blankets 96" 2.73000 /FT More Info
CC4636 Bale Blankets 108" 3.08000 /FT More Info
CC4641 Bale Blankets 120" 3.39000 /FT More Info
CC4646 Bale Blankets 132" 3.76000 /FT More Info