GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouses

GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouses are the ultimate in backyard growing. Save money and eat healthier with your own hobby greenhouse.

• 5'H sidewalls give you more growing space and more headroom.
• Panels are constructed from UV-stabilized 6mm polycarbonate for superior heat retention and hot spot reduction.
• Heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum profiles create a stable and sturdy frame.
• Frame has a bright, white powder-coated finish that is attractive in any backyard.
• Decorative peak adds elegance and beauty.
• 9'1"W units have one 2'6"W Dutch door. 11'8"W units have total door width of 3'10" (one 23"W Dutch door and one 23"W standard entry door). All are 6'H and come complete with rugged stainless steel locking door handle and nickel-plated dead bolt.
• Multiple vents offer improved air circulation.
• For automatic climate control and optimum growing conditions, install our energy-saving Solar-Powered Vent Opener (104037), sold separately.
• Use SunBlocker™ 60% Black Knitted Shade Panels during extreme heat to eliminate heat stress and to ensure optimum plant growth.
• We recommend using the powder-coated steel base, sold separately.
• 10 year warranty on both frame and polycarbonate.

Hobby Greenhouses - GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouses
Item # Description Price  
104603 GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouse - 9'1"W x 8'3"H x 9'9"L 2465.00000 /EA More Info
104604 Steel Base for 104603 255.00000 /EA More Info
104579 14' x 9' 60% Black Knitted Shade Panel 103.95000 /EA More Info
104605 GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouse - 9'1"W x 8'3"H x 12'2"L 2935.00000 /EA More Info
104606 Steel Base for 104605 285.00000 /EA More Info
104243 14' x 12' 60% Black Knitted Shade Panel for 104605 138.95000 /EA More Info
104609 GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouse - Free Shipping and On Sale! 4995.00000 /EA More Info
104610 Steel Base for 104609 369.00000 /EA More Info
104581 18' x 16' 60% Black Knitted Shade Panel for 104609 & 104564 189.95000 /EA More Info
104611 GrowSpan Estate Elite Greenhouse - 11'8"W x 8'10"H x 24'8"L 5199.00000 /EA More Info
104612 Steel Base for 104611 389.00000 /EA More Info
104244 18' x 24' 60% Black Knitted Shade Panel 224.95000 /EA More Info