Svensson® Pre-formed Ventilation Screens

With pre-formed ventilation screens from Svensson®, growers have the ability to prevent greenhouse pests from entering growing areas, while containing helpful insects for pollination and other useful purposes.

• Inexpensive, pesticide-free form of insect control.
• Ideal for use with all Greenhouse Vent Systems.
• Permanently pleated construction and fine yarns increases airflow capacity, producing greater ventilation with no reduction of insect control.
• Available in two screens, each with different-sized openings intended for control of different insects.
• Econet Air 1515 features 150 μm x 150 μm openings; Econet Air 4545 features 400μm x 450μm openings.
• Econet Air 1515 is intended for the control of Western Flower Thrips, Greenhouse Whiteflys, Green Peach Aphid, Silverleave Whitefly and Serpentine Leafminer.
• Econet Air 4045 is intended for the control of Whitefly species (Silverleaf, Greenhouse and Sweet Potato), Melon Aphid, Green Peach Aphid, Serpentine Leafminer, Bumblebee and Citrus Leafminer.

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Item Number: ECONETAIR
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