Gripple Systems Accessories

Easily suspend fixed loads and save time and money. Gripple Hanger Systems are strong yet lightweight, and as much as 15 times faster to install than traditional hanger methods. A natural replacement for threaded rod or chain, Gripple Hanging Systems are versatile and quick to install!

• A wire joiner and tensioner in one, a Gripple fastener operates on a simple push-fit principle, so there is no twisting, bending or knotting wire.
• Cable Strut Kits let you create secure, overhead spans by running high-strength cables horizontally between two attachment points.
• C-Clip Loop Hangers are an innovative, twist-on device for hanging anywhere along a horizontal span of Gripple Cable Strut.
• Single Loop Hangers offer quick and safe choke knot installation.
• Y-Fit Hangers are available in three types and attach to C-Clip Loop Hangers and Single Loop Hangers.
• UL listed, with a 5:1 safety factor.

Ideal for : Electrical applications, HVAC Ductwork, Heaters, Lighting, Poultry Watering Systems, Greenhouse Shade systems and more!

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111031 Gripple Flag Key For more information, please use Live Help, Email us or call 1.800.476.9715. More Info
111019 Gripple Setting Key $0.25 /EA More Info