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Heroic Harvesters is an exclusive program intended to aid U.S. military veterans in the agricultural or growing industries. The program provides a variety of benefits to those that have served, including access to various educational materials and workshops, and it is ideal for those that are looking to expand their current business or get started in the industry.
Heroic Harvesters offers you:
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – Being well informed is essential to obtaining and maintaining agricultural success, and it has just become much easier with us. We offer webinars and videos to help you with Agriculture & Livestock, Green-house Tips, Growing & Gardening and Building & Installation. Here you'll attain knowledge in new practices and products in topics such as, Year-Round Hydroponic Growing in a controlled environment and Aquaponics.
FREE CONSULTING – Although the website offers loads of information, sometimes you may need a human touch. With Dream to FARM you'll get free consultation for the lifetime of your product from knowledgeable farming experts. Our experts can offer help with business development, product application and general troubleshooting.
ONE-STOP SHOPPING – There is everything you'll need in our catalog and on our website. You'll find fabric structures, greenhouses, high tunnels, cold frames, tools, feed solutions, growing supplies, fencing and pest control, building materials, lighting, storage, as well as heating, ventilation and cooling systems. There are numerous monthly specials and steals & deals that can help you to save money and get farming.

Heroic Harvesters may be just what you need to get farming today, and if you're currently farming or growing, these programs can help your business become more efficient and cost effective. You'll find everything you need in our catalog and on our website. We want to make sure that your operation is running at its peak efficiency and for this there are financing options that can help you to get that building or piece of equipment you need, educational programs and free consulting. Let us make your Dream a reality..

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