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Challenge - Extend growing season
Solution - High Tunnels
Size - Five 26'W x 96'L, Two 20'W x 96'L, One 26'W x 24'L
Application - Growing produce
Location - Rudolph, WI

Dan Mielke and his family are homesteaders who own and operate their own farm on 75 acres of land in central Wisconsin. Due to their location, the Mielkes used to have to wait until May or June to start planting. Wanting to extend their growing season, they decided to purchase a GrowSpan High Tunnel. The decision was a large one, but Dan states, "in the end it was one of the most profitable decisions we ever made."

The GrowSpan High Tunnel eliminates weather issues that the Mielkes had experienced in the past. Dan and his family now enjoy better profits. Dan says, "Because we can control the moisture, sun and heat, we get better flavored produce. We have saved thousands of dollars because we no longer lose our strawberry crop to heavy rains on days they are ready to harvest. Picking luscious, dry strawberries during a heavy rain is a true joy now."

Growing produce in GrowSpan High Tunnels - Growers Supply

The Mielkes have been able to triple their growing season and sell their produce six weeks before traditional growers, eliminating a lot of their competition. Dan also found another benefit through using the high tunnels. He says, "High tunnel agriculture has allowed us to cut our labor to 1/5 of what was required under our old conventional farming practices."

Dan is extremely happy with the high tunnels and adds, "every positive benefit we hoped to achieve far exceeded our wildest expectations."

Extend growing season with a GrowSpan High Tunnel - Growers Supply

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