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Customer Testimonials - John Dee

Challenge - Weatherproof wall covering
Solution - PolyMax Board
Application - Building Addition
Location - Mohawk, MI

I built an addition to an existing post beam building to house things like ATVs, snowmobiles and lawn care equipment. I needed something on the walls that would stand up to moisture from melting snow in the winter and any spray while washing things down. I came across PolyMax and it looked like it would work perfectly for my application. The product came neatly shipped on a wooden pallet and my wife and I were able to spend a morning hanging the 13 sheets. We used 1/16" PolyMax over 7/16" OSB and it turned out great. The material is perfect for an area that will be exposed to moisture and/or dirt. It is waterproof and cleans up very easily.

About PolyMax Board

Bright, white and indestructible! Easy to apply to walls, ceilings or anywhere a weatherproof, durable surface is needed. Ideal for dairy farms, hog farms, poultry farms, milking parlors, kennels, zoos, stall dividers, horse barns stalls & arenas, hockey rinks, car washes, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, marinas, workshops, storage facilities, and so much more...

PolyMax High Density Polyethylene Board - Growers Supply PolyMax HDPE Board - Growers Supply

PolyMax Boards are made of 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) boards and are easy to install, easy to clean, and virtually maintenance free. They resist rot, rust, moisture and are corrosion proof as well. The key benefit of PolyMax Boards are that they are extremely durable, UV-stable and impact resistant!

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