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Welcome to the Video Help Library on GrowersSupply. Available below are complete video tutorials providing easy instruction on how to repair your greenhouse, repair greenhouse covering, improve your poultry watering, prepare your building site, and much more. View step-by-step details by simply clicking the image thumbnail of the video.

For further assistance, check for instruction manuals and other documents for your product. Simply enter the product number in the Catalog Item # search box located in the upper left hand corner of your screen. If you still have questions after viewing a video or reading your product's documents, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.245.9881, Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm CT

Greenhouse Tips Description
Stems & Scales - Harvesting Fish A behind the scenes look at how we harvest fish from our Commercial Aquaponics System.
Stems & Scales - Media Bed Growing Review our media beds to discuss the crops we have been producing.
Stems & Scales - Feeding Fish Look into our aquaponics building to feed the fish and discuss our feeding routines, future plans and the success of the system so far.
Stems & Scales - Float Bed Update Tour of our aquaponics greenhouse located in Dyersville, Iowa.
Stems & Scales - The Basics of Aquaponics Aquaponics Manager, Jeremy Shechter provides a full overview of our aquaponics system.
Stems & Scales - Commercial Aquaponic System Aquaponics Manager, Jeremy Shechter shows the benefits of our Commercial Aquaponic Systems.
Stems & Scales - Choosing The Right Fish Learn about choosing the right fish for your aquaponics system.
Greenhouse Tips - Training Peppers Our Hydroponics Manager, Matt Kispert, covers how to properly train bell peppers for ideal production.
Greenhouse Tips - Flush Dutch Buckets Watch to learn some benefits of regularly flushing out your Dutch Bucket system.
Greenhouse Tips - Fertigation System Watch to learn the importance of precise nutrient control and how it can be done easily through the use of a fertigation system.
Greenhouse Tips: Hydroponic Greenhouse Winterize Watch to learn some helpful tips about getting your hydroponic greenhouse ready for winter.
Greenhouse Tips: NFT Hydroponic Table Pump Maintenance Learn how to appropriately maintain your NFT hydroponic table pump.
Greenhouse Tips: Operating NFT Hydroponic Table Learn how to properly operate your NFT hydroponic table.
Greenhouse Tips: What to Grow in Dutch Buckets See what are the best crops to grow using a Dutch Bucket System.
Greenhouse Tips: Hydroponic Greenhouse Tour East Side Take a tour and see what we’re up to in the east side of our hydroponic greenhouse.
Greenhouse Tips - Fodder Nutrition Discover how to maximize your fodder harvest.
Greenhouse Tips - Photosynthesis Process of Fodder Be prepared for growing fodder and learn what to expect.
Greenhouse Tips - PolyMax H1-10 Dutch Bucket System Learn how to make small-scale hydroponic growing easy and simple.
Greenhouse Tips - PolyMax H2-24 Dutch Bucket System Discover large-scale Dutch bucket systems, ideal for large yields.
Greenhouse Tips - Wheatgrass Juicing Discover why fodder isn't just for livestock.
Greenhouse Tips: Pollinate Tomato Plants Learn how to pollinate your greenhouse tomato plants during the winter.
Greenhouse Tips: Locally Grown Lettuce
From the Greenhouse to the Table
Country Junction restaurant compares our hydroponic lettuce to regular store-bought lettuce.
Greenhouse Tips: Environmental Control Options Optimize your growing year round with our environmental control options.
Greenhouse Tips: Roller-Hook Assembly and Clips Need a simple-to-use device that saves trellising time and labor?
Greenhouse Tips: High Tunnels See how our high tunnels can extend your growing season and increase crop yields.
Greenhouse Tips: Removing Snow from your Greenhouse Easy and effective ways of removing snow from a greenhouse or other growing structure
Aquaponic Tips - Aquaponic Systems Learn how water moves through our aquaponic systems and the filtration process that coverts waste produced by fish to food for plants.
Aquaponic Tips - Clean Filters See the importance filtering solids out of the water flowing through an aquaponic system.
Aquaponic Tips - Float bed = Money Learn how you can float your money maker and produce to 90% of your revenue from the plants grown in an aquaponic system.
Aquaponic Tips - Grow in harmony with Aquaponics Learn about the stocking rate, feeding, mortality rate in our systems.
Aquaponic Tips - Optimize Space Learn how growing with a vertical hydroponic system and how to best utilize the space to increase profitability.
Aquaponic Tips -Small Footprint Learn about the use of water compared to
conventional agricultures.
Aquaponic Tips - Testing the system's water Explaining the importance of monitoring the water chemistry in an aquaponic system.
Aquaponic Tips - Understanding the water in Aquaponics Explaining the importance of water chemistry in the relationship between the plants and fish in an aquaponics system.
Aquaponic Tips - When do you harvest Learn the important factors to consider when it comes to harvesting plants and fish from an aquaponic system.

Growing & Garden Related Description
Customer Testimonial - Junction 21 - Fresh Produce Junction 21 provides a year-round farm to table experience by using hydroponic produce grown at Growers Supply's Iowa campus.
Customer Testimonial - Purple Med Healing and Green Med Wellness This operation grows some of Arizona's finest in a GrowSpan S2000 Blackout Greenhouse
McClendon's Select Organic Farm - Shade Houses Growers Supply is the manufacturer of GrowSpan shade structures, which provides numerous shade house designs and shade solutions.
Blue Sky Organic Farms Growers Supply provided Blue Sky Organic Farms with numerous GrowSpan growing structures, including GrowSpan's S1000 Commercial Greenhouses, Premium High Tunnels and S500 Tall High Tunnels.
Installing Aquaponics Window Kit Step by step tutorial to assist in the installation process of our Predrilled Window Kit (Item: 112814)
HydroCycle Growing Systems Increase yields and maximize profits with HydroCycle growing systems.
GrowSpan Blackout System Achieve your finest cannabis harvest yet with GrowSpan Blackout Systems.
Greenhouse Vent Accordion Insect Screen Installation Part 01 Part 1 of how to install an Accordion Style Insect Vent for your Greenhouse.
Greenhouse Vent Accordion Insect Screen Installation Part 02 Part 2 of how to install an Accordion Style Insect Vent for your Greenhouse.
Greenhouse Stabilizer Bar Lengthen the lifespan of your roll-up curtains.
Alaska: The Last Frontier features Growers Supply High Tunnels Take a look how The Discovery Channel digs deep on how a High Tunnel will improve your growing season.
Greenhouse Premium Repair Tape (105434-37) Patch tears and rips in greenhouses, high tunnels and more.
Greenhouse & High Tunnel Auto Vent Add a vent for improved ventilation to your greenhouse or high tunnel.
7.5 oz. Film End Panel & Door Install a greenhouse end panel and pedestrian door.
7.5 oz. Film Cover Install your 7.5 oz. Film Cover over your greenhouse.
Netafim™ Field Drip Irrigation Learn more about drip irrigation systems.
Hose Bib Assembly Learn how to assemble a Hose Bib Assembly for greenhouse irrigation.
Air Inflation System for Greenhouse Film (110094) Inflate your greenhouse film.
Single U-Channel 8' (102197) Makes film, shade cloth and curtain installation fast and easy.
Motorized Shutter Kit (104182-7) Improve your greenhouse ventilation.
Exhaust Fan with Plastic Louver Shutters Keep your greenhouse cool with an Exhaust Fan.
ValuTek Horizontal Airflow Fan (CF4300 & CF4306) Install your circulating fans.
Solar-Powered Vent Opener (104037) Install your Solar-Powered Vent Opener.
AquaCool Super Deluxe Controller (AC2089-55) Control your misting and fogging system.
Soil Warming Water Cable System Extend your growing season by warming your plant's soil.
Transport/Display Rack III (110217) Move your nursery plants easily with our transport rack.
EZ-Haul 4 Wheel Garden Cart (108676) Step-by-step assembly instructions for our EZ-Haul 4-Wheel Garden Cart.
EZ-Haul Metal Deck Wagon (108678) Assemble our Expanded Metal-Deck Wagon w/Fold-Down Sides with ease.
EZ-Haul Greenhouse Wagon (WD8045) Carry more around your backyard, greenhouse or nursery.
Heavy Duty Cart (110487) Assemble your Heavy Duty Cart.
Garden Dump Cart (109722) Learn how to assemble our Garden Dump Cart.
EZ-Haul Garden Crate Wagon (109912A) Learn how to assemble the EZ-Haul Garden Cart Wagon.
EZ-Haul Premium Poly Garden Cart (109918/19) Easily assemble the Poly Garden Cart.
Heavy Duty Cart (110486 & 110488) How to put together a Heavy Duty Cart.
Flip-Top Cold Frames (105140-1-2) Start seedlings or extend your growing season.
35'W x 96'L Pro Solar Star™ Greenhouse A Pro Solar Star™ Greenhouse houses aquaponics grow beds at Hassevoort Farms.
36'W x 96'L Gothic High Tunnels Hassevoort Farms uses their Growers Supply high tunnel for flower production.
Aquaponic Greenhouse Kevin and Lisa Hassevoort explain their aquaponics setup.

Building & Installation Related Description
ClearSpan Commodity Building Learn more about the ways in which our 45'W x 60'L Commodity Building is being used at our Dyersville, Iowa manufacturing facility.
Customer Testimonial - T-Bohn Cattle With abundant natural light, a spacious interior and maximum overhead clearance
ClearSpan Hybrid Buildings Hybrid Buildings utilize an American-made, triple-galvanized structural steel frame that is backed by an industry-leading 50 year warranty.
Growers Supply introduces GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures Our new GrowSpan brand links all Growers Supply greenhouses and growing structures under one identity.
GrowSpan 48' x 128' S1000 Greenhouse - Gutter Connect Elton Koehn saw an opportunity to expand his business, and elected to add a second greenhouse from Growers Supply using a gutter connect system.
Customer Testimonial - Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch These fabric structures are the ideal building solution for everything from livestock housing to equipment storage, and this structure houses ostriches, sting-ray feeding tanks and monster trucks under one roof.
Customer Testimonial - Cape Henry Racquet Club This structure allows members to practice and receive lessons year-round without ever needing to cancel due to inclement weather.
Customer Testimonial - Red Hook Terminals ClearSpan was able to install a 73'W x 120'L Truss Arch Building that assists them while processing incoming Marine cargo.
Customer Testimonial - Duron Systems Inc. Duron Systems Inc. chose ClearSpan to construct a 50' W x 120'L Truss Building for their pipe x-raying facility.
Customer Testimonial - Swarco Reflex, LLC. Swarco Reflex, LLC. sells reflective glass beads for road markings and blasting beads for surface finishing applications.
Customer Testimonial - JLJ Tennis ClearSpan was able to allow JLJ Tennis to operate 7-days a week without interruption due to weather.
Customer Testimonial - Honey Holdings This 60'W x 90'L Truss Arch Building provides Commercial Storage for Honey Holdings.
Customer Testimonial - Habitat for Horses Habitat for Horses is a non-profit organization that rescues abused or neglected horses.
Customer Testimonial - Laurel Valley Soils A 100'W x 250'L ClearSpan Truss Arch Building in Avondale, PA to store compost material.
ClearSpan Takes Flight - Commodity HD Building This structure is a storage dream. The open-sided Commodity HD Building provides quick and easy access to materials and equipment.
ClearSpan Takes Flight - Compost Building Commodity Buildings from ClearSpan feature an open side and can be broken down into separate bays, making them a great option for compost storage.
ClearSpan Takes Flight Metal Buildings An aerial view of the ClearSpan Metal Building, featuring the trusted Truss Arch frame with metal sidewalls and roofing.
ClearSpan Takes Flight with Laurel Park Aerial perspective of ClearSpan's first Hybrid Fabric Building
Clearspan takes flight Hybrid Buildings Aerial view of a ClearSpan Hybrid Building
Clearspan on the Science Channel's "How It's Made" Watch the process of how our Truss Arch buildings are made courtesy of The Science Channel's TV program, "How It's Made".
Clearspan Takes Flight in Holland MI A bird's-eye view of Two ClearSpan Gable Style Truss Arch Buildings used for Waste and Decontamination.
See the Light With ClearSpan Our ClearSpan fabric structures are always built to your exact needs.
Squaring Sites Prepare your building or greenhouse site.
Installing a Hoop House Cover Learn how to cover a hoop house.
Installing your Hand-Crank Assembly
for Roll-Up Curtain and Doors
Install a Hand-Crank Assembly for your roll-up door and curtain system.
Installing Your Hand-Crank Assembly Learn how to install a Hand-Crank Assembly for your roll-up door or curtain system.
ClearView Roll-Up Curtain (106480-84) Enjoy your backyard more with a ClearView Roll-Up System.
Square Tube Splice Connection Learn how to connect two square conduit pipes.
Square Tube Fitting to Base Rail Connection Learn how to work with square tubing.
Rollup Panel Install Improve greenhouse and high tunnel ventilation.
DuroStat Prewired Thermostat (CR2045-95) Wire your thermostat for precise heating and cooling.
Seaming & Fabric Repair Tape (105383) Save money by repairing tears in your tarps and covers.
Plain End Panel Installation Install an end panel on your building.
Pre-Hung Insulated Entry Door Learn how to hang a door in your building.

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