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Shade Panels & Shade Systems Webinar

Questions & Answers

  1. If our goal is heat reduction in our greenhouse for tomatoes, what percentage would you recommend?
    Tomatoes need a lot of light for fruit to develop. We recommend no more than 50% shade cloth. Any percentage above that will reduce photosynthesis in the leaves and decrease the productivity of the tomato plant.
  2. How should I install my shade cloth?

    We recommend installing the shade cloth inside your structure. It is much easier and you will need less material.

  3. We have a 26'W x 30'L Gothic greenhouse. What is the best way to attach shade cloth?

    If you install the shade cloth on the inside of the structure, the best way to attach it is by using the internal truss supports or rafters. The shade material can be attached to the greenhouse truss supports or rafters with Snugger Tie Downs, Shade Clips or Curtain Cord. If you install the shade cloth on the exterior of the structure, we recommend using a Canopy Anchor Kit with Curtain Cord to secure the material to your structure.

  4. Do you have a portable shade solution?

    Yes. A lot of times, people only like to shade their plants when they need it. We offer several shade systems that are lightweight and easy to move.

  5. Can you repair shade cloth if it's ripped?

    All of our shade cloth is made from knitted material. If you do get a tear in the material, it won’t unravel or fray. You can easily sew the material back together if need be.

  6. Do you have motorized retractable shade options?
    Yes, we offer motorized retractable shade panels. They can be set to a timer, thermostat or you can manually control when the shade retracts or expands.
  7. How long will a shade panel last?
    Our shade material is extremely durable and made from UV-resistant polyethylene. You can expect the material to last 15 to 20 years or longer.
  8. How do I determine how much shade material I need?

    We can help you determine exactly how much shade material you need. We offer both pre-fabricated shade panels and custom shade panels. Get the dimensions of the area you want to shade and then give us a call.

  9. Can pockets be sown into the shade material?

    Yes, we can install pockets into the shade material.

  10. Can the shade material be used as a curtain?

    Yes, shade material is a great option for curtain material. It keeps bugs and sun out without inhibiting natural airflow. It is popular for a several applications including greenhouses, livestock housing and indoor riding arenas.

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