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Winterizing Your Greenhouse Webinar

Questions & Answers

  1. What type of rodent bait would you recommend for rats?
    JT Eaton makes a great product that is available in peanut butter or apple flavor. One pound will kill 6 to 8 rats. It is an anti-coagulating type of rodenticide and can be cured with vitamin K. We also carry Top Gun All-Weather Rodenticide which is an acute poision and kills at a faster rate than anti-coagulants. There is no antidote for this type of rodenticide, but it does not have secondary toxicity. So, you don't have to worry about other animals becoming ill from ingesting a poisoned rat.
  2. If I use a greenhouse film, do you recommend I take it down for the winter?
    If you are heating your greenhouse during the winter then it is not recommended to take down your film. If you are in a particularly snowy area and are worried about snow buildup just gently tap the interior ceiling of the structure with a broom. We design our structures, especially the round style greenhouses so that snow will just slide off. If you aren't heating during the winter then it is your personal preference whether to take down the film or not.
  3. How long of a process is it to switch to greenhouse radiant heating? Is it something that can be done during the winter?
    This all depends on what type of radiant heating you're looking into. With under-bench heating you would definitely have enough time during the winter to attach the pex pipe. In-floor concrete heating, however, it not be installed during the winter months, as winter is not a good time of year to pour concrete. You could also install pex pipe tubing under soil or sand and then plant or place your pots directly on top once it is complete.
  4. If I grow throughout the winter is it still a good idea to secure all the vents and shutters?
    Yes, however you do need to still bring in some fresh air for winter ventilation. It is still very important, but winter ventilation is done at a different rate than summer ventilation. You do not have to replace the inside cubic feet of air, but you do need to draw out some stale air to be replaced with fresh air. If you have a small vent at the top of your greenhouse gable you can leave that open to do this.
  5. Do you sell portable heaters that would temporarily replace a heater if one were to malfunction?
    We have many electric heaters available ranging from small heaters running on 120 volts all the way up to large units that require 220 volts. We also carry propane heaters, but you need to make sure that there will be adequate ventilation.
  6. What type of lubrication should I use to cleans gears and latches?
    Good quality penetrating oil such as WD40 will do the trick. Also, check the wheels on your carts and wagons. If they have greased joints, go ahead and grease them as well.
  7. Do you sell commercial size rolls of bubble wrap?
    We sell bubble wrap by the foot. You can purchase as much or as little as you want. It comes in a 6'W x 125'L complete roll.

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