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  1. What size raised bed would you recommend for a beginner vegetable garden?
    I would recommend a three-tier kit, but size would be dependent on what you're comfortable with. We can make them any size, but it depends on what you feel comfortable with and have space for.
  2. Is it cost effective to buy the higher priced, efficient lights?
    It is worth the investment. It is a much higher upfront cost. However, you won't need to replace that light as frequently and there is much less maintenance. You only need to buy the light once and if maintained properly, it will last you for years.
  3. How much maintenance is required on exhaust fans?
    That will depend on the fan type. Belt driven fans require a little more maintenance, as the belts should be checked periodically versus the direct drive fans do not. The benefit to the belt driven fans is the longevity of the motor. They tend to last longer and push more air when properly maintained.
  4. Are these systems effective in high humidity areas?
    These systems work by moisturizing the air and cooling through the evaporation of that moisture. If the humidity is very high, these systems will not be effective since the air is already saturated with moisture. 80% humidity is the cutoff point where the air cannot take in anymore water so evaporation essentially stops. These systems work great in drier regions and areas with up to 60% or 70% humidity.
  5. If our goal is heat reduction in our greenhouse for tomatoes, what percentage would you recommend?
    Tomatoes need a lot of light for fruit to develop. We recommend no more than 50% shade cloth. Any percentage above that will reduce photosynthesis in the leaves and decrease the productivity of the tomato plant.
  6. Do you have motorized retractable shade options?
    Yes, we offer motorized retractable shade panels. They can be set to a timer, thermostat or you can manually control when the shade retracts or expands.
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