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Fabric Structure Buyer's Guide

Fabric buildings, also known as poly buildings, are an economical and portable alternative to costly, permanent steel and wood buildings. All of our structures come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and can often be constructed in only a few days, using common tools. We offer customized financing solutions such as the flexibility of an extended payment plan that offers terms up to 7 years, rates as low as 4.99%, and as little as 10% down, or our credit card, which lets you save big special financing options (subject to credit approval). You can also sign up for our Rewards Program, which lets you earn credit towards future purchases.

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Common Fabric Structure Applications:
  • Canopies
  • Tents
  • Screen Houses
  • Party Tents
  • Compost Storage
  • Event Tents
  • Commercial Canopy
  • Garden Shed
  • Carports
  • Storage Shed
  • Farmers' Market Canopies
  • Equipment Canopy
  • Portable Garage
  • Backyard Shed
  • SunBlocker Pavilions
  • Nursery Supplies Storage
  • Equipment Garage
  • Retail Canopy
  • Mulch Storage
  • RV Garage
The ClearSpan Advantage

We offer ClearSpan — the most durable, temporary and permanent tension fabric buildings and canopies in the industry. ClearSpan is manufactured using the highest quality materials, such as USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing, galvanized inside and out and will not rust or corrode. ClearSpan heavy-duty, rip-stop polyethylene cover material is 12.5 oz., 24 mil thick and guaranteed for 15 years. ClearSpan never skimps on materials ensuring lasting strength. Each building and canopy is manufactured in the USA and built-to-order, ensuring attention to detail and quality. Dare to compare our brand to their brand!

Most of our competitors import their buildings from overseas. Their cover material is less than 8 oz. 14 mil thickness, which leads to rips and tears and often lacks UV inhibitors. Our covers are guaranteed for 15 years. Unlike USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing which is standard in ClearSpan buildings and canopies, their frame is made of conduit uncoated on the inside, painted on the outside, which is prone to rust. Download and view the manual to any of our structures and you'll see the quality components that are used to keep our covers tight to the frame. Our competitors use poly rope and clamps, which fail to keep the cover tight to the frame.

Why GrowersSupply buildings are better
First Year
Less than 8 oz. material does not last! Did you really save money?
GrowersSupply makes better buildings
Second Year
Will rip and tear! Can a new cover even be ordered?
GrowersSupply is a superior building manufacturer
First Winter
Only lasts up to 2 years!
No wind bracing or tie-downs!

Anchoring Systems

Growers Supply has engineered an exclusive anchoring system that will ensure your building does not move. We offer a few different anchoring systems to accommodate varying surfaces. Structures can be built on pavement, concrete, wood, gravel or any other ground surface. For concrete, pavement and wood, we have a mounting foot that can be securely bolted to that surface using the appropriate fasteners. If the structure is to be mounted on gravel, grass or dirt, you can use our auger-style anchors or our ground anchor kits.

Mounting feet on concrete - Growers Supply
Mounting feet on concrete
Ratchet straps with corkscrew anchor - Growers Supply
Ratchet straps with corkscrew anchors
Earth augers (Helix anchors) - Growers Supply
Earth augers (Helix anchors)
Ground posts for Fabric Structures - Growers Supply
Ground Posts

For safety and longevity, it is recommended that you anchor each rafter of your building. At minimum, we recommend the following formula to calculate required anchors:

Required Anchors = Length of Building ÷ Rafter Spacing of Building + 1 × 2

For high wind locations or questions on anchoring systems, please Contact Us.

How much snow can my building withstand?

Growers Supply structures are very sturdy and capable of withstanding winter months in high snowfall areas. Most snow easily slides off the cover's smooth surface. In the event of buildup, the snow can be easily removed by tapping on the building's ceiling from the inside. For additional safety, most of our buildings are available for purchase with additional rafters. Rafter spacing can be increased from every 4' to every 3' for an additional cost.

Will the sun affect the life span of my building?

Growers Supply's industry leading 12.5 oz., 24 mil cover material comes with an exclusive 15-year warranty and is enhanced with UV-resistant properties.

What is the cover material made of? What colors are available?

Growers Supply's temporary buildings offer a 7.5 to 12.5 oz. rip-stop polyethylene cover. The rip-stop cover has a cross weave that stops a rip from progressing any further. Most of our covers can be special ordered with a flame-retardant rating — Contact Us for special pricing. Growers Supply's 12.5 oz. covers come with a 15-year exclusive warranty and their 10 oz. covers come with a 7-year exclusive warranty. The following colors are available in 12.5 and 10 oz. fabric:

White Polypropylene Fabric - Growers Supply
Green Polypropylene Fabric - Growers Supply
Tan Polypropylene Fabric - Growers Supply
Grey Polypropylene Fabric - Growers Supply

Do you make custom size fabric structures?

Our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to work with you to create a building to meet your application needs. Either Contact Us, click on the Live Help link below, or call our toll-free number today!

What is the framework made of?

Growers Supply uses only the highest quality 14 to 17 gauge (1.315" to 3.5" OD) USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing. This steel tubing offers four layers of protection against rust and corrosion.

What are my door options?

Most of our smaller buildings offer a double-zippered roll-up door with Velcro straps. As you go up in size, some buildings offer larger or multiple doors. We offer solid end panels, steel roll-up doors and various soft roll-up options. Our sales team will be happy to work with you to determine the application that best serves your needs. We also carry optional vents for increased air circulation in barns, stables and pens.

Doors for Fabric Structures - Growers Supply
Doors for Fabric Structures
Roll-up Door for Fabric Structures - Growers Supply
Roll-up Door for Fabric Structures
Custom Door for Fabric Structures - Growers Supply
Custom Door for Fabric Structures
Soft Roll-up Door for Fabric Structures - Growers Supply
Soft Roll-up Door for Fabric Structures

How difficult is it to build my building?

Most Growers Supply buildings can be assembled with simple tools over a weekend. No special tools are required. All required hardware and detailed instructions are included. If you ever need help, we're only a toll-free phone call away. Most instructions are available for viewing on our web site as well!

Will I have to obtain a permit to erect my building or pay property tax?

The temporary nature of fabric buildings usually excludes them from building permit requirements and tax obligations. It is however always best to check with your local regulations prior to building.

Can I move my building after I've built it?

Most of our buildings can be easily moved after they've been constructed.

How long will my building take to get after I place my order?

Our buildings are made to order by Growers Supply in the USA and depending on the time of year, manufacturing for most buildings can take 7 to 21 business days. Please take this into account when purchasing. If you have an immediate need, we might have a building ready for immediate shipment. Please check with your sales associate to see if expedited/rush service is available.

How will you ship my building to me?

Due to the weight and size of our buildings, they are shipped truck freight. Shipping is calculated by weight and destination.

What if I need a building that is over 45' in width?

Growers Supply recommends our partner ClearSpan Fabric Structures.

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