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Extend your growing season with a GrowSpan High Tunnel. High tunnels are unheated greenhouses that help market gardeners and farmers extend their growing season and improve the profitability of their farms. A high tunnel, or hoophouse, alters the climate to create more favorable growing conditions for plants and vegetables. In addition to temperature control, benefits also include soil warming, rain and wind protection, and, in some instances, control of diseases, insects, and predators such as birds. High Tunnel production allows growers to offer a dependable crop because plant stress due to weather conditions is virtually eliminated. High tunnels are ideal for vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers and more. Growers Supply has many styles and configurations, from hobby to field scale, which will help you enjoy gardening every month of the year. Let a GrowSpan High Tunnel increase your crop yield, quality and profitability up to 50%. No one beats our prices on high tunnels. We also offer flexible financing options.

High Tunnel Advantages: Improved plant quality, size and production; extends growing season; high profile; allows management during inclement weather; frost, wind, rain and insect protection; irrigation needs are easily managed.

GrowSpan High Tunnels Competitor's High Tunnels
Made in the USA Manufactured overseas
Ground post anchors included for every leg No anchors
3 to 4 year warranty on cover 1 year covering
Multiple purlin runs for strength in wind and snow 1 purlin
Exclusive "Twist-of-the-Wrist" roll-up sides for ventilation Stationary sides
Heavy-duty 10 oz. woven end panels with triple zippers for easy equipment access. Sold without ends
Quick ship times as we are the manufacturer Long wait to receive your product

GrowSpan High Tunnels - Growers Supply

4' Rafter Spacing - High Tunnels - Growers Supply
4' Rafter Spacing

Roll-Up Sides - High Tunnels - Growers Supply
Roll-Up Sides

USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing - High Tunnels - Growers Supply
USA-made Steel Tubing
Competitor's High Tunnels

6' Rafter Spacing
6' Rafter Spacing

Stationary Sides
Stationary Sides

Tubing Rusts Over Time
Tubing Rusts Over Time

Our High Tunnel Customers Write...

"We've been able to raise vegetables year round and have had results such as never before. Thank you!" - The Mannings, Chaparral, NM

"We have been able to grow really nice, big strawberries during the winter months thanks to our GrowSpan High Tunnel." - Ron Lyle, Rolling Farm, Tecumseh, OK

"Because we can control the moisture, sun and heat, we get better flavored produce. We have saved thousands of dollars because we no longer lose our strawberry crop to heavy rains on days they are ready to harvest. Picking luscious, dry strawberries during a heavy rain is a true joy now. High tunnel agriculture has allowed us to cut our labor to 1/5 of what was required under our old conventional farming practices." - Dan Mielke, Mielke's Farm, Rudolph, WI

"GrowSpan High Tunnels allow us to confidently offer our products to the community, knowing that we're able to furnish them produce with lower risks and turn a profit. They are awesome and have definitely saved our growing business many, many times." - Susan Hall, Cherry Creek Farm, Larkspur, CO

"The land is so dry here that it took a lot of water to keep things growing, and it would dry out as fast as we put water to the ground. We never produced much more than frustration. That all changed when we bought our GrowSpan High Tunnel. I now have a garden that is the envy of the neighborhood. My garden is protected from the frost, wind, hail, and whatever else Mother Nature sends our way, and now it takes so little water to keep everything green that it amazes us." - Holly and Leonard Hughes, Macdoel, CA

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