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Growers Supply Launches Vertical Aeroponic System

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn.—July 2014—Growers Supply, a division of FarmTek, is the industry leader in greenhouses, hydroponic systems and nursery supplies, and has added to its growing portfolio with a new and unique vertical growing system that provides plants with a nutrient-rich mist.

The Grow-Tek Vertical Aeroponic System is available in four different sizes, from 4 feet 8 inches to 8 feet high, and can grow up to 220 plants in less than 23 square feet of space. When compared to a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System, where water is being recirculated 24/7/365, the Vertical Aeroponic System is an energy saver. The pumps in the Aeroponic System may run for only a few minutes at a time, allowing for the conservation of energy and maximum exposure of oxygen to the roots.

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Growers Supply is the leading manufacturer of tension fabric structures and greenhouses. The Growers Supply catalog features over 30,000 products designed to meet commercial growing and hobby gardening needs. Corporate headquarters are located in South Windsor, CT. Our Hercules Truss Arch manufacturing and distribution center is in Dyersville, IA. Visit us on the web at or call 1.800.476.9715.

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