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Greenhouse Coverings Buyer's Guide

Greenhouse coverings, or glazing, can consist of various different materials including fabrics, films, polycarbonate and glass. Coverings are essential on greenhouses for the retention of heat and savings on energy costs, as well as overall protection from outside elements and pests. While glass is an attractive alternative, it is more costly and less effective at retaining heat than the materials we offer. Our coverings consist of many different effective and economical fabrics, films and polycarbonate, each with various thicknesses and life expectancies.

Greenhouse Films

We offer various Sun Master® films, each ideal for certain applications. The 3 Mil 1 Year Clear film is ideal for overwintering and single-layer greenhouse applications. It provides excellent light transmission while reducing temperature fluctuations. Another 3 Mil Sun Master Film is the 70% Opacity Overwintering White Film. This film is ideal in greenhouses, high tunnels or cold frames for protecting plants that sprout too early if they are exposed to excessive light.

We also carry various 6 Mil Sun Master Films which offer excellent durability and light transmission. The Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Film provides superior diffusion rates, heat retention and tensile strength. Infrared additives re-radiate heat back down to the crop, saving as much as 30% on heating costs. The tri-layer construction of this film withstands a life of up to four years. The 6 Mil 4 Year Clear or White Films are ideal for both single and double layer greenhouse applications, and also have a four year film life.

Sun Master® 3 MIL 1 Year Clear Greenhouse Film - Growers Supply
Sun Master® 3 Mil 1 Year Clear Greenhouse Film
Sun Master® 70% Opacity Overwintering White Film - Growers Supply
Sun Master® 70% Opacity Overwintering White Film
Sun Master® Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse Film - Growers Supply
Sun Master® Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse Film

Our 5 Mil Black/White Silage Film is tri-layer and heavyweight, and is primarily used as a reflective cover or to create a blackout environment. When used with the white side up, the film provides light blockage which is essential for certain plant species. When used as a reflective ground cover, it has been proven to increase yields and provide a more efficient distribution of transmitted light. It can last up to two full years when used under a greenhouse roof.


Polycarbonate is an extremely durable plastic that can be used for a variety of applications in many different industries. Though it is very lightweight, it is also very strong and virtually unbreakable. While polycarbonate panels are not the least expensive option for covering a greenhouse, they are longer lasting and offer greater protection against wind and snow. The material comes in a variety of colors, but for greenhouse coverings it is made of a clear, UV-resistant material. Polycarbonate is a recyclable, environmentally friendly material, making it preferable to other types of plastic such as PVC. All of our polycarbonate comes with a 10 year warranty, is USA-made and is offered in Corrugated, Twin-Wall and Triple-Wall varieties.

Our lightweight Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets are designed and manufactured to stand up to the most demanding applications. They are ideal for covering both commercial and hobby greenhouses, but are also useful for a variety of other roofing, siding and ceiling applications. They are impact, weather and UV resistant. The sheets come in 8' or 12' lengths and have a 10 year warranty.

8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets - Growers Supply
8 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets
Aluminum H-Channel 8'L - Growers Supply
Aluminum H-Channel 8'L
U-Profile for Corrugated Plastic - Growers Supply
U-Profile for Corrugated Plastic

Twin-Wall Polycarbonate is available in thicknesses of 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. This clear, UV-resistant material is 12 times lighter than glass, and will not film over even after long exposure to sunlight. The 4 mm material is the most economical of the four choices, but is less durable. The 8 mm material maintains 78% light transmission and is practically shatterproof. We also offer a Twin-Wall substitute to polycarbonate in the form of Corrugated Plastic. This is the lowest cost alternative to polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses. It has 4 mm thickness and is manufactured from double-walled, high-density polyethylene.

We recommend using our channels and profiles when assembling the polycarbonate on your greenhouse. These will help keep out dirt, insects and moisture while creating a professional, finished look. We offer H-Channels, U-Channels and U-Profiles in both aluminum and polycarbonate materials. Use the H-Channel to join two polycarbonate sheets together, and use the U-Channel to cap off the tops and bottoms of polycarbonate sheets. The U-Profile act as a border for the polycarbonate and should be used around the edges for a finished appearance. These channels and profiles allow for easy connection of one sheet to another and contain UV additives for long life and durability.

Greenhouse Fabric

Our PolyMax® Greenhouse Fabric is manufactured from rip-stop, woven polyethylene, offering exceptional strength, durability and diffused light. These covers ensure a more comfortable climate within the greenhouse, reducing energy costs, the need for pesticides and the amount of water needed for irrigation. They are available in 5.2 oz. Clear, 6 oz. Black/White, 6 oz. Black/Silver and 7.5 oz. Clear in either custom or prefabricated panels.

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