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Growers Supply Introduces New Hydroponic System & Channels

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn.—July 2014—Growers Supply, a division of FarmTek, is the industry leader in hydroponic systems, greenhouses and nursery supplies, and has introduced a new Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system to promote healthy, well-nourished vine crops.

The channels — made from UV-stabilized recycled plastics — in the new GT80 TSW NFT System are manufactured to allow space for larger root masses. They have a depth of four inches, which increases oxygenation and off-gassing around the root zones, allowing for the production of more vibrant and marketable crops.

The package includes eight 20' long channels with lids and end caps, recirculation supplies and a 550-gallon nutrient reservoir tank, but it can also be customized for larger production scales. The unique design of the new GT80 TSW NFT System is a closed loop recirculating system that conserves water and minimizes nutrient waste. For the professional hydroponic grower, the GT80 TSW NFT System is the way to go.

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