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Growers Supply Introduces Botanicare® Power Cloner®

Dyersville, IA—August 2013—Growers Supply now carries BotanicareŽ Power ClonerŽ for growers who wish to cut and clone a variety of fruits, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees in as little as 5 to 10 days.

Botanicare® Power Cloner® produces larger cuttings than traditional cloning methods, which will save growers time and effort in producing a higher crop yield. Power ClonerŽ requires no growing media, providing growers with maximum surface area for root growth in their plants. An increased surface area also provides the root zone maximum oxygen absorption and rooting hormones. Cloning systems come complete with water reservoirs, cord guides, high-pressure sprayers and air stones. Growers can choose from 45 to 180-plant cell systems, making Power ClonerŽ an ideal solution for a variety of growing operations.

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