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Challenge - Areas for winter propagation and protection from summer sun
Solution - Three greenhouses and one shade house
Size - Two 26' wide x 48' long Gothic Pro, One 34' wide x 72' long Gothic Pro Greenhouse System, One 40' wide x 60' long SunBlocker™ Add-A-Bay Shade System
Application - Growing ornamental grasses and bamboo
Location - Shelby County, TN

When Michael Taube and his family began specializing in growing ornamental grasses and bamboo, they started small. Upon opening their mail-order nursery, Dove Creek Gardens, Inc., in 2000, they grew about 30 varieties of decorative grasses. Most of these were grown outdoors, in flats placed directly on the ground, a practice that was not very friendly to tender young plants in the heat of the summer, or new plant propagation in the dead of the winter.

Over the past 10 years, Taube and his family have grown a thriving mail-order nursery business, which now includes over 150 varieties of grasses and bamboo, as well as three ClearSpan greenhouses and one SunBlocker Add-A-Bay Shade System from Growers Supply.

Their first structure, a 26'W x 48'L GrowSpan Professional Greenhouse, purchased in 2001, was needed to protect young plants and establish a propagation house to continue growing through the fall and winter months. This initial greenhouse was built before the winter of 2001, and has been completely refurbished since then to accommodate the expanding business. A second 26'W x 48'L GrowSpan Professional Greenhouse, purchased in 2002, has been equipped with an evaporative cooling system, and is used exclusively for cool season grass varieties. The third greenhouse, a 34'W x 72'L Gothic Pro Greenhouse System purchased in 2005, is Dove Creek Gardens' most important structure, and houses thousands of finished grasses and bamboo, Taube says.

"Our company has purchased many items from Growers Supply, but the most important are the several structures we use," says Taube. "All of these provide much needed growing capacity for year-round propagation and finishing. The greenhouses allow us to grow all season (for seed starts and divisions), and grow plants suited for more tropical climates like zones 8 and above. The shade system (which has since been modified to 100' long) allows us to capture and utilize a valuable staging and growing area close to our greenhouses and potting building," Taube adds. "We are very happy with the products purchased from Growers Supply, so much so that we keep doing it again and again!"

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