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Challenge - Mimic Indoor Marijuana Growing
Solution - Three Round Economy High Tunnels
Size - 28'W x 203'L
Application - Marijuana Production
Location - Methow, Wash.

When the state of Washington legalized the producing, processing and selling of marijuana in late 2013 many marijuana industry professionals migrated to the state. Aaron Dunlap was one of those professionals ready to pounce on the opportunity. He founded Cascade Growers LLC. in November 2013 just as the initial spike of marijuana licenses were being handed out within the state. Dunlap became the twentieth business owner in the whole state to gain a cannabis growing license and got right to work growing cannabis on his picturesque plot of land located at the foot of the Cascade Mountain Range.

The first thing Dunlap did was research economical, reliable high tunnels that he could buy and set up quickly. His goal was to be the first to market for local marijuana dispensaries, which is vital for new cannabis growers. Dunlap grew fond of the GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnels, which were cost effective and perfect for his start up marijuana business. "The quality of these high tunnels combined with the value made it a no-brainer," said Dunlap. Since investing in the high tunnels Dunlap has been very happy with his purchase, adding, "For people starting out in the marijuana industry, these high tunnels offer a great growing environment and provide great value."

Dunlap uses the high tunnels in concurrence with other products to mimic indoor cannabis growing conditions. Dunlap enjoys that the structures are easy to regulate; he can adjust the amount of UV rays that reach his plants and the temperature inside the high tunnels instantly. "What I like most about the GrowSpan High Tunnels is that they are flexible and easy to use. The structures are helping me mimic indoor cannabis growing conditions with the roll-up sides and film cover," accounted Dunlap. The quality and quantity of his product has also increased since installing the high tunnels. Before his purchase he was growing outside, with his plants exposed to the elements. Now with the GrowSpan High Tunnels, he's making double the money per pound of cannabis he grows, as opposed to traditional outdoor growing. "On top of gaining higher prices for my product, incorporating these high tunnels has also helped me save a lot of money," Dunlap added.

When asked about his experience with Growers Supply Dunlap stated, "Growers Supply helped me through the process. They were knowledgeable, easy to get in touch with and very helpful."

Marijuana Production - Growers Supply Marijuana Production - Growers Supply
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