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Customer Testimonials - Mantua Gardens

Challenge - Finding the right sized growing channels
Solution - HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Channels
Size: Hydroponic lettuce & microgreen production
Application - Growing greens and tomatoes
Location - Mantua, OH

Mantua Gardens, located in northeastern Ohio, has been in business since 1995, and has provided the community with high-quality annuals, perennials, garden supplies and more. In 2012, owner Darin Kelley was approached with the idea to start growing hydroponic lettuce and other fresh greens year round, in addition to continuing with the established garden and greenhouse center. With the demand for locally grown produce, Darin decided to branch out into the realm of hydroponic growing and looked to Growers Supply to help him get started.

Darin explains that choosing the right company for his new business idea was important. "We were starting with a very limited budget and a little amount of knowledge about the process," he states. "We needed to find a company that truly wanted to help us. We found that company in Growers Supply!"

Hydroponic lettuce & microgreen production - Growers Supply

After converting a 50' by 50' greenhouse to accommodate the hydroponic NFT Lettuce System he chose for his new operation, Darin worked with Growers Supply to choose the equipment that would work best for his system. Among the products he chose were the NFT channels that are used for growing the lettuce and greens he would be producing. Darin was extremely pleased with the channels from Growers Supply, since previous attempts with other channels had failed. He explains, "The HydroCycle Channels were deeper than others we had tried, and the lids had been predrilled with 2" holes but were almost half the price. The extra depth leaves much more room for the roots to absorb nutrients without clogging the channels."

Hydroponic lettuce & microgreen production - Growers Supply

So far, Darin is very happy with results he has gotten from the NFT channels. The only thing he's been even more pleased about is his experience with Growers Supply and the sales representatives he's dealt with. "The NFT channels and all the other equipment we have purchased from Growers Supply have been great. Second only to their fantastic service and staff !" he states. "I would sincerely recommend Growers Supply. I promise you can't go wrong!"

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