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Customer Testimonials - Montgomery Central High School

Challenge - Housing new agriculture programs
Solution - Two GrowSpan S2000 Commercial greenhouses
Size - One 30'W x 48'L    One 30'W x 96'L
Application - Education and Production
Location - Cunningham, Tenn.

Montgomery Central High School (MCHS) is a public school located in Cunningham, Tennessee. The school offers a variety of courses in many different subjects, as well as extracurricular activities that include sports, music, theater and a long list of additional clubs. Christopher Boner, the Agriculture Education teacher at MCHS, purchased two GrowSpan S2000 greenhouses from Growers Supply to help kick off the school's newest programs, Plant Pathway and Academy, which focus on teaching agriculture and growing sustainable produce.

With this new initiative at MCHS, Boner decided he needed these greenhouses to house the program's hydroponic and traditional bedding plants growing classes. "We are beginning a hydroponic lettuce and tomato system hopefully beginning this fall, and our second greenhouse will be traditional bedding plants," said Boner. Many schools are embracing these agriculture programs in rural areas, such as Cunningham, Tennessee. Boner said he is excited to teach his students about these cutting edge techniques, "Many of the students have never heard of hydroponic growing, so I'm excited to introduce them to this style of production within our GrowSpan greenhouses."

Boner was drawn to Growers Supply by the one-stop shopping experience, "I picked Growers Supply, because I could buy the GrowSpan S2000 Commercial Greenhouses, NFT Hydroponic systems and all excess growing equipment within the same company." Boner is delighted by the amount of plants he can fit inside the school's greenhouses along with the aesthetically pleasing look of the structures on the school's campus. Boner added, "My account manager Karen was great; she helped me through the entire process and was a pleasure to do business with."

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