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Customer Testimonials - Cypress Grove Chevre

Challenge - Housing dairy goats
Solution - Three Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size: One 83' wide x 360' long, Two 65' wide x 360' long
Application - Goat housing
Location - Arcata, Calif.

Cypress Grove Chevre was founded by Mary Keehn in 1983 near Arcata, California. It started when Keehn was seeking a healthier dairy option for her children. Keehn asked the neighbors if she could buy a couple of goats, which they had been using for brush control, and they told her that if she could catch them, she could keep them. Keehn soon caught her first few goats and the rest is history. Chevre, is French for goat cheese, and Cypress Grove makes some of the best in the world. Sonny Simonian, Cypress Grove's food safety manager, said, "The goat farm will be four years old in November, and our goat cheese company has been around for over 30 years."

Simonian said the goat dairy started for a unique reason, "The main goal for our dairy was to become an easily accessible source of knowledge for our milk producers and commercial goat dairies in America, which is in its infancy compared to its European counterparts." The dairy needed large structures to hold the herds of goats that Cypress Grove Chevre owns. Simonian expressed, "We started to research goat housing solutions and felt ClearSpan Fabric Structures had the full package." He continued, "What we really looked for was natural lighting and a structure that could fit within our budget. ClearSpan buildings are known for their natural lighting, which the animals love, and they were able to build a reliable building within our budgetary constraints." Cypress Grove Chevre now house their goats within one 83' wide by 360' long and two 65' wide by 360' long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.

"The structures are working great. Our animals now have access to both pasture and a well-ventilated, naturally lit indoor area," said Simonian. The buildings are open structures with no supports posts, which allow for maximum usable space for Cypress Grove's dairy goat operation. Another positive the building presents is superb ventilation. Simonian said, "The ventilation is great, our operators love working inside the structures, during all times of the year." Simonian continued, "The healthy, clean and dry environment our ClearSpan buildings provide has definitely improved milk production in our goats." Simonian suggested getting a ridge vent for animal operations. ClearSpan's optional ridge vent provides maximum air ventilation and facilitates air movement by allowing moisture accumulation to escape. This optimal air exchange reduces risks to animal health.

Simonian strongly recommended ClearSpan, "They did a great job with our buildings and present a strong, reliable structure for the housing of our precious goats."

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