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Challenge - Being able to grow year round in Texas
Solution - One greenhouse and One high tunnel
Size: 30' wide x 36' long GrowSpan Gothic Pro Greenhouse, 30' wide x 96' long Round Premium High Tunnel
Application - Retail ornamental and vegetable garden nursery
Location - Paris, Texas

The owner of Victory Gardens is Nick Burton, an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity for fresh, locally sourced produce in his marketplace. With help from Growers Supply, Burton's original vision for Victory Gardens grew and developed into the well-rounded business it is today. He said, "We originally ordered the first 30' wide by 36' long GrowSpan Gothic Pro Solar Star greenhouse for ornamental nursery stock, but after attending FarmTek's CEA School in 2014 and learning so much about new growing techniques, I decided to go all in with Victory Gardens."

Burton had a lot of needs for his greenhouse, "We have a lot of extreme weather in Texas, whether it's droughts, excessive rains or insufferable heat. We needed a greenhouse that could hold up through all those extreme weather conditions." Burton ultimately chose Growers Supply; because he was familiar with the products they sold and learned invaluable information while attending the CEA School. Burton explained, "Having the CEA School experience in connection with working alongside a knowledgable and friendly National Account Manager made the decision easy to go with Growers Supply and put to rest a lot of fears and concerns." With his confidence in the company Burton went on to purchase a Growers Supply 30' wide by 36' long Gothic Pro greenhouse.

The greenhouse has helped propel Burton's business upwards. "As our produce gained in popularity, we began adding value to the crop to get us higher returns, which led to the in-house kitchen and ultimately the salad business we have now." Burton continued, "The greenhouse provides us with a great growing environment year-round, which helped increase returns for our high-quality crops." Burton is also using a NRCS grant* to purchase a 30' wide by 96' long GrowSpan Round Premium high tunnel, which will be used for growing crops during the winter season. Burton said, "I plan on ordering the high tunnel by the end of this year. I'm again going with Growers Supply, because of their immaculate customer service and quality of product."

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