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Customer Testimonials - Victory Gardens

Challenge - Grow large amounts of high quality produce quickly, year-round
Solution: Two Grow-Tek GT50 NFT Systems, 120 PolyMax Dutch Buckets
Application - Hydroponic lettuce & production of assorted microgreens
Location - Paris, Texas

NWM Enterprises LLC. is a multi-faceted company that operates several smaller ventures. One of those companies is Victory Gardens, a retail ornamental, vegetable garden nursery, hydroponic and high tunnel farm located in Paris, Texas.

The owner of Victory Gardens is Nick Burton, an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity for fresh, locally sourced produce in his marketplace. With the help of Growers Supply, Burton's original vision for Victory Gardens grew and developed into the well-rounded business it is today. He said, "We originally ordered the first 30' wide by 36' long GrowSpan Gothic GrowSpan greenhouse for ornamental nursery stock, but after attending FarmTek's CEA School in 2014 and learning so much about new growing techniques, I decided to go all in with Victory Gardens."

After going all in, Burton decided to purchase two Grow-Tek GT50 NFT Systems from Growers Supply to begin his expansion. For his new operation, Burton worked with his National Account Manager to choose the equipment that would work best for his business model. Burton said, "I knew nothing about hydroponics before attending the CEA School. The knowledge I gained at the school gave me confidence that I could make hydroponics work at Victory Gardens." Burton continued, "Our CEA environment has allowed us to grow each crop to amazing quality without the worry of the outside environment."

With help from the hydroponic system from Growers Supply Burton's business has boomed. He now has a custom-built, indoor grow room, which stores his hydroponics system. Within that grow room Burton has 120 PolyMax Dutch Buckets, creating 1,944 plant sites, as well as a 4' wide by 8' long Growers Supply propagation table and 48 square feet of microgreen production. Burton explained, "The hydroponic system has allowed us to grow produce that no one else in the area has, we grow multiple varieties of head and bunched lettuce mixes, kale, arugula, chard, Asian greens, microgreens and shoots."

Burton has found that the hydroponic system is even a draw for visitors to the farm. "No one is growing hydroponically in our area, so when people visit the nursery they love to see the sprawl of our hydroponic system and the professional look it gives our local operation," he said. Burton has used the hydroponic system to springboard Victory Garden's Lunch Club, which provides fresh salads to local businesses.

Burton feels he has found his calling thanks to the help of Growers Supply. "Working with Growers Supply has not only allowed my business to grow, but my knowledge and experiences over the last two years have been life changing. I've met people from all over the country from the CEA schools and have made lasting friendships." Burton expressed, "I get to help my community eat better and introduce more unique greens into their diets. It has led me to my calling; it's been a fun journey!"

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