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Customer Testimonials - Northampton Community Rowing

Challenge - Quick relocation
Solution - Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size - 45' wide x 80' long
Application - Storage of rowing equipment
Location - Northampton, Mass.

For sixteen years Northampton Community Rowing (NCR) has been teaching the sport of rowing to children and adults. In 2001 in a combined effort with Smith College's Exercise and Sport Studies Department, NCR's first fulltime coach was hired, and in no time at all, rowing became one of the most popular sports at Northampton High School. NCR now boasts a community program serving youth rowers not only from Northampton High School, but also from various schools throughout the region. The NCR has grown and truly become a valley-wide program that has a positive impact on many communities.

The NCR was previously housed in a old, loaned boat showroom, which they quickly outgrew. As a non-profit, the organization did not have the time to run a large capital campaign, so they needed a fast and affordable storage space to keep their rowing equipment. Dorrie Brooks, vice president of the NCR, said, "Because of the short time frame, our storage facility had to be erected very quickly. We needed a building that had a quick installation time and was highly affordable. I learned about ClearSpan from a sculptor friend and the company had previous rowing structures on their website, which gave me confidence." NCR chose one 45' wide by 80' long ClearSpan Fabric Structure, which is being used to store the organizations community rowing shells, oars and various rowing equipment.

Brooks has been pleased with the structure. "We love the natural light the fabric cover allows into the building. We won't need to use electricity often, which will save us a lot of money. The extra height clearance of the building also makes it easy to store boats high up on pulleys. All in all, it is perfect for what we needed," she stated.

The NCR has also found an interesting alternative use for the building, "We have considered projecting movies on it this summer. We'll see how it works," explained Brooks. She enjoyed working with ClearSpan, and said, "As president elect of the building committee, this was a big decision for us. I'm glad we went with ClearSpan."

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