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Terry Clark

Customer Testimonials - Terry Clark

Challenge - Limited space for calving operation
Solution - Beef Master Systems Building
Size - 65' wide x 140' long
Application - Calving operation
Location - West Unity, Ohio

Terry Clark's family has been running a family farm in West Unity, Ohio for over 100 years. Clark, who spent multiple years working in a slaughterhouse, decided in 2011 to get back into the family business and started calving. Clark grew up milking cows on the family farm, so the decision to start calving was an easy one. Joined in the business by a couple of relatives, Clark raises calves for 12-16 weeks until they weigh approximately 400 pounds. Then he ships the herd out, and welcomes a new herd to the farm.

In 2015 Clark was still using old wooden barns to house his calves during feeding times and severe weather, but the buildings contained too many internal support posts, making it hard to maximize his business' potential. Clark decided to invest in his business and began searching the market for a fabric building that would allow his cows to reach their full weight and remain healthy throughout the year. Clark said, "We had a couple of wooden barns on the verge of collapsing, so the need for a new structure was urgent." Clark did his due diligence and even consulted his uncle in Michigan who had bought a similar structure from ClearSpan. Clark said, "ClearSpan had stronger buildings compared to other companies in the industry, and my uncle had one and absolutely loved it." That was all Clark needed to hear, as he went on to purchase a 65' wide by 140' long ClearSpan Beef Master Systems.

Clark is using the Beef Master Systems building to feed his calves, and as a shelter during inclement weather. He said, "The building is working well, and we love the feed bunk on the outside of the building. It makes feeding the calves a lot easier, and the cows love it." Clark continued, "The fact that the building has no internal support posts has been a large positive for my business. I can bring in more calves, which in turn increases my profits." One major concern for all calving operations is sickness. Clark's Beef Master was installed with a ridge vent to aide in ventilation, which has been a huge advantage for Clark. He said, "The building is really well ventilated compared to our old buildings, and it's primarily because of the optional ridge vent I had installed."

Ultimately Clark explained that his calves are healthier in the protected environment, and he had one piece of advice for prospective Beef Master Systems customers: "If you have the opportunity go see a Beef Master in person you should do it. I did, and it helped make my decision easier."

Terry Clark

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