Growers Supply 2010 Photo Contest Winner

2010 Photo Contest Results

Name - Bruce Speltz
Location - Minnesota City, MN
Product - ClearSpan Beef Master System
Place - First Place Prize

"We raise dairy heifers in southeast Minnesota and were looking for a building to handle 300-500 lb. heifers. We liked the open feel of the ClearSpan Beef Master System. We purchased the 36'W x 200'L with Ridge Vent. We have been through a very cold winter and a hot and humid summer. We have not lost one animal due to health reasons. The building was shipped promptly. When we were building, there were some missing parts and Growers Supply was very fast at shipping them out. This building is very easy to feed and bed in. It takes less bedding than our monoslope building and has more cattle in it. We've had it for over a year and we love it." - Bruce Speltz, Minnesota City, MN

About ClearSpan Beef Master System

Beef Master System lets the sun shine in and offers a controlled, comfortable environment for protecting your dairy cows and beef cattle. The Beef Master System Advantage lets livestock feed in a controlled environment, provides shelter from extreme weather conditions and offers improved feed efficiencies. Save time, labor and money, and eliminate run-off issues.

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ClearSpan Beef Master™ System - Growers Supply ClearSpan Beef Master™ System - Growers Supply

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